Tuesday, November 16, 2010


We know Paul slightly. We have been making inquiries as to WHAT are your ideas, plans and visions for New Albany.

We know he is for a better government in New Albany. We also know he favors a City Court so the monies for tickets issued by the Police do not go to Indy. We also know taxpayers does not trust England to do this thing because we felt Shane Gibson would be in the midst of same. But, if the monies saved by doing the City Court will shave the Police and Fire from taking 85% plus from the General Fund (and only under him not England), we have to listen.

Unions, both fire and police, have got to concede something. As my father said (a life long union member and us being die hard union people), unions got too greedy and did their selves in. Time for the police and fire to make concessions. Times are too hard for the average joe blow, but I don't know they recognize the ramifications if they don't.

Yes, Etheridge is right in getting rid of our Deputy Mayor (we feel). Unnecessary position to say the least.

But, what else will be Paul's platform? We look forward to hearing more and knowing his words are true and will be acted upon.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I would like to know Mr. Etheridge stand on Police and Fire contracts?

Anonymous said...

He's the last person I would support.

No, let me correct that statement.

England would be the last one I would support verses Paul.

Come on democrats find a good candidate to fix our city.

Anonymous said...

Paul who? Never heard of the guy.

shirley baird said...

I asked Paul Etheridge several questions in April. He responded and I have these answers in a blog article dated April 10, 2010, called "Who is Paul Etheridge?"

See The Voice of the People.


Anonymous said...

No thanks Shirley, your blog is controled by the progressives.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't care to see those comments either, LOL.

Anonymous said...

shirely who? never heard of the girl. what is she trying to do?

shirley baird said...

My blog is controlled by me and no one else. I am not a progressive, liberal, Blue Dog, Teabagger, or conservative.

I'm just me.

TGIF said...

You're so right vetteman.

Your just getting the picture of Baylor, he's out for himself and to sell his swill. He's not interested in helping businesses downtown. He's to busy helping himself and attacking anyone who stands up.

He attacks; women, my councilman Price and my State Rep. Mr. Clere.

He always defends his boss the mayor who got him free sidewalks a patio and half of Bank Street.

He supports a mayor who is raping the citizens of New Albany. Lining his pockets with our money.

He's jealous of a business woman on Main Street because she drives a jag,has way more money than him and more brains.

Wait until he finds out where you live he will be riding by your home and see what happens then.

Maybe you can greet him with your friends Smith and Wesson.

You're just learning what we've known for years.

Do we want his business to fail?

Yes,we do, and we will have a street party in his honor when he does.

See Mr. Vetteman, he hasn't got the balls or the guts to run for office. He's to big of a coward to run.

He defently wouldn't feel the love he thinks he controls.

He sure threw your ass under the bus didn't he? But, took the loan from Horseshoe and any other place he can get money from.

Let's not forget his poor mother. I guess being an only child and a spoiled prick his mommy gave life too, then will take care of her little brat bully.

So welcome to the real blog who tells things like they see it and knowasooner or later his day is coming.

You know he's desperate when he goes after your grammar. See the gut doesn't know how to debate cause he's TO busy kissin ass with the mayor.

Btw, you will know when you have left a lasting impression with the wannabe, the magic word will appear:


We wish you all the best, vetteman.

p.s. be sure and ask Roger the next time you post how his buddy Dan Chandler got his position as attorney on Redevelopement?


Anonymous said...

If you love New Albany,please join our cause: boycott the Bank Street Brew House. Let's do New Albany a favor, put him out of business.

Anonymous said...

Count me in and I'll drink to that.

Anonymous said...

Me too. After EVERYTHING that has been found out about the Brewhouse and that's not including the stuff we don't know, how anyone can say they care about New Albany is beyond comprehension.

Anonymous said...

Who do I contact on the NAFD to put up my families Christmas lights?

Anonymous said...

How many families do you have, 1:45?

Anonymous said...

4! What's it to you?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Mayor has been reading FOS?

"TIF may be answer for New Albany budget deficit."

I'm quite sure Erik might have something to say about that.

Anonymous said...

There is NO ramifications as long as England is in office.

Anonymous said...

England was as drunk as a skunk when they lighted the tree. He kept stopping his talking because he couldn't remember what he was saying. He had trouble reading the names. Finally, he called up Ed Clere to come help him. Only he couldn't remember his name. He said, "Come on up here, State."

We definitely need help around here.