Thursday, June 28, 2012

Miscellaneous (...)

HEAT WAVE - We hope everyone helps take care of each other during our 100 year weather temps.  WHEW!  Hot!  Hot!  Hot!

HEALTHCARE - It's hard to teach this old dog new tricks.  After great study, and listening to John Yarmouth explain how our new healthcare is NOT going to hurt small businesses, etc., I'm looking forward to seeing how this new plan will work for me and mine.  We have no insurance after working under contract for 30 + years.  (Unlike Mr. Gibson, who is contractural and still manages to get free healthcare.)  I've never understood why Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid and other social programs did not have to go before the Supreme Court unlike our National Healthcare plan.  (Yes, we understand A LOT of people reading this may not agree - more power to you!)

SEPARATION OF THE DEPARTMENT FUNDS FOR CITY GOVERNMENT - We have waited over 20 years for this to happen.  Our only worry?  Will Gahan Veto the Council's vote?  5 - 4 split - some Council members agreed with Gahan.

PARKS DEPARTMENT AND COUNTY GOVERNMENT - First, you took Camille Wright w/ the pool (which could really be used right now) from City residents.  We suspect an option has been given to Bobo for the amphitheatre and there is talk the County wants to sell Community Park.  What are you leaving for the City residents?  NO - Bush - we do not want City and County government merged.  We wouldn't wish the City's debt on our worse enemy!!!  You may find nothing will polarize County voters more than you expressing the desire for same. 

Nothing important here.  It's too hot to jaw around for long!!!!  

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Wow!  What a crowd!!!  If you weren't downtown last night you're square!!!!

I'M KIDDING folks.  Can you say cluster bust?  5 til 8, while people are still working (except for our local government)?  Local businesses never did see the influx of people into their establishments as was predicted.

Matter of fact, local businesses I talked with felt the closing of the streets HURT their business.  It's not like there's a lot of parking available for the business establishments on Market  much less not being able to get there unless you know the area.  If you were from Louisville you were screwed.

Dang.  12 police officers required and being paid overtime? 

ALL OF THE MONEY WE SPENT REVAMPING THE AMPHITHEATRE?  Are you kidding?  You think the showing of the movie Top Gun is more of a major event than a band????????

Oh, that's right.  Some people say when the concerts were held at the amphitheatre, people simply left afterwards and didn't go downtown to eat and shop.  Well, you drew a lot more people, especially families to the amphitheatre.  Parents with children playing while mom and dad listened to the music.  Where are these people going to be able to sit and relax at?  Are we paying for seats, too?  

Don't you think it's a different type of crowd(s) who attend the amphitheatre's concerts than who comes to see bands and just stand around and drink?  

You scheduled these two events earlier and in the heart of the town and you did not have people go to the restaurants and eat -- except for the politicians and (under order by Gahan) City employees.

No legal permission to close the streets; no professional to help you plan these events; the police officers weren't assigned by the Board of Works, either.  What the heck?

Who's paying for all of the equipment which was necessary for the concert?   How many Street Department employees are working for this event? 

No contracts signed for vending, beer - yet a couple of local businesses managed to get in on it.  The street closings (without any prior knowledge, either) proved to be a real pain for citizens not in the know (which were MOST of us).

Here's my wild conclusion.  Is this because you are trying to wean us away from our beautiful water front and amphitheatre because of the pie in the sky development named River Walk?  Ha.

The whole thing is a joke.  A joke on you for letting some hare brained idea happen without going to your local businesses and ASKING them what they thought and a cruel joke on citizens and businesses who feel this event for the past two weeks HURT their bottom line.  How strange for all of this to occur without public knowledge, lack of the BOW's legally required mandate, and on and on.  Damn.  Who is making probably about $60,000 a year to come up with this screwed up idea?  I need a job like that.

Anyways, I need to know where your complaint department is, Mayor Gahan.