Thursday, February 23, 2012


After a conversation with a Council member, we understand there was a $100,000.00 appropriation made by Council, which has come up missing.  We are waiting for more information.

There will be news breaking soon concerning actions taken, without Council's approval, by former Mayor England involving Carl Malysz, John Rosenbarger, Kathy Wilkerson, Pat Linck, and Cyndi Krauss.  We hope to be reporting more on this subject soon.  (Though we may not receive the information until the Press is involved.  This is not our choice.)

Not to change the subject, but, we are aware of the number of police cars being parked on Grantline and we for one say - WAY TO GO!  We aren't quite sure how much longer we can sustain the numbers we are paying for our Fire and Police and welcome their effort in trying to lower their costs!   Most excellent. 

Short and sweet - that's what this article is.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

H A P P Y V A L E N T I N E ' S D A Y !

We are publishing the former City Attorney's Contract for your perusal.

A question we would ask is if Mayor Gahan had to honor the Contract and give Mr. Gibson two month's notice as stated?  Is he still working under this Contract or has another been drawn up reflecting the different board(s) work he has been hired to do -- Mayor Gahan?  (We'd simply like to see a more recent Contract.)

Of course, there are other questions associated with the Contract in question.  The big question is why didn't the City Council know the expense(s) involved?  It's simply a fact ONE of the few jobs the Council has is the MONEY.  OUR money. 


Is it really true Kaye Garry has returned to the Controller's Office part-time?  Is the insurance a factor? 

On to the Contract:


     This agreement for Services (this "Agreement) is made and entered this 1st day of January, 2009, by and between Shane L. Gibson d/b/a/ Gibson Law Office, LLC (the "Gibson"), and the City of New Albany (hereafter referred to as "City").  Gibson and City agree as follows:

     1.  Gibson is an independent contractor for the City and
         shall be paid $12,500.00 per month.

     2.  Gibson shall be the head of the Legal Department.

     3.  Gibson has agreed to not take on additional clients
         in order to devote his ultimate time to the City.

     4.  Gibson shall be responsible for all his federal and
         state taxes.  The City is not responsible for any
         obligations with respect to taxes for Gibson (i.e.
         employer contributions) since Gibson is an
         independent contractor.

     5.  Gibson shall be responsible for any retirement of
         his choosing.  City shall not be participating
         and/or making payments to PERF on behalf of Gibson.

     6.  City shall provide Gibson with a 1099 for tax

     7.  City shall provide Gibson space for an office
         and the use of the City Attorney's budget for
         costs associated with the City Legal
         Department and its operations.

     8.  City shall provide Gibson an administrative
         assistant to assist in the duties relating
         to the Legal Department.

     9.  City shall pay and/or provide for professional
         liability insurance for Gibson.  Gibson shall
         pay all other costs associated with
         maintaining his attorney license.

    10.  Gibson shall pay for all continuing education
         requirements which are not directly related
         to Municipal Government and its operations.

    11.  Gibson and/or his family shall participate
         in the health insurance and other insurance
         policies and plans offered by the City.

    12.  Gibson's duties and responsibilities shall
         include, but not limited to, attendance at
         respective board meetings for the City
         Departments, City Council meetings, research
         legal issues and render legal opinions, and
         draft legal documents, enforce tickets and
         ordinance violations.

    13.  Gibson shall be available during normal business
         hours for work related to the City.

    14.  This contract shall terminate at the will of
         either party upon notice of two (2) months.

Date:  January 1, 2009   Douglas B. England, Sr., Mayor City of NA

Date:  January 1, 2009   Shane L. Gibson, Attorney



Thursday, February 9, 2012

Trying To Figure It Out...

This blog is trying to figure out the insanity behind Shane Gibson's contract.  (We'll be publishing the contract soon for all to read - no offense Mr. Gibson, nothing personal - it's just taxpayers' money.)

If Mr. Gibson's contract shows him making $12,500.00 per month as a contracted employee this adds up to $150,000 per year.  Add the Insurance for he and his family and we are probably around $180,000.00 per year.

The first problem we are having is a contract employee making that much money and not paying for their own insurance.  The second problem is reading how a second-class city, such as Jeffersonville, only spending an average of $239,000.00 per year for the last two years on legal fees.  We not only had Mr. Gibson, we also had Mr. Greg Fifer, Mr. Lorch, and Mr. Lewis (for the NAPD) and who knows how many others.

We resent former Mayor England telling the Council Mr. Gibson would not receive any perks/benefits if  the Council agreed to the salary stated publicly.   Did the City Council's Attorney have a chance to review the contract?  If so, he would have noticed the Insurance added onto the bottom of the contract.  What the heck?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fire Department Grant

The City of New Albany received a grant last year for 1.3 Million.  We have since found out we can not let any firefighter be layed off or gotten rid of for 2 more years or we pay the monies back.  This may have been how we were able to hire two more firefighters.

It is not good news Gahan wants the LOIT tax and a WHEEL tax.  I say do away with Tax Abatements and receive the monies we should be receiving.  (A big thanks to Greg Phipps!)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


After scanning the original Executive Order into Blogger it became evident the viewer would not be able to read the information as it's too light.  The reader will be able to discern the date and signature.

Another posting reflects the document without the date and signature because the scanner could not interpret "handwritten" information.

2 of 3


WHEREAS, the City of New Albany has several contracts with Union employees that work for the City.

WHEREAS, those contracts provide for retirement health insurance benefits for those individuals that have completed the necessary longevity requirements of the State's PERF retirement plan.

WHEREAS, non-unionized employees of the City have no health insurance benefits upon retirement, despite their years of service with the City.

WHEREAS, it is inequitable and unfair to treat PERF qualified retired employees differently based solely upon their status as union employees upon retirement with respect to health insurance.

By the authority vested in me as Mayor of the City of New Albany and acknowledging the service that certain individuals have provided to the City of New Albany, I direct as follows:

1. Any individual that has worked for the City of New Albany for a minimum of ten (10) years as documented in the Indiana PERF plan shall be entitled to participate in the City's health insurance program as stated in this Executive Order.

a. The minimum ten (10) years service as documented by PERF must be solely with the City of New Albany and not a combination from other PERF qualified governmental agencies.

2. Any individual that meets the longevity requirement at (sic) outlined above shall be entitled to the benefits for Retirees with respect to Health Insurance as defined and explained in the Police Contract Article 15, Section D, with the City (which may be amended from time to time).

3.  This Executive Order shall become effective immediately upon signing by the
Chief Executive Officer of the City of New Albany.

Dated:   7/28/11 (handwritten)                          Yeah, he signed it himself!
                                                                           Douglas B. England
                                                                           Mayor, City of New Albany

3 of 3, Original reflecting date and signature