Monday, January 17, 2011


First off, let me thank you for allowing me to use your Blog to reflect what our Family has been talking about since the New Year's.

There are so many rumors floating around about WHO IS ACTUALLY running for Mayor.  We know England is.  We know Etheridge is.  We know someone by the name of Stemler or Stumler is running (sorry).  We know Messer is not running.  But, we hear there may be a person yet unknown to us.  When is the last day for the filing?

We were talking about the "grand illusion" of the new parking garage and condos.  Blah, blah, blah.  I agree with the fact Bobo should own his parking lot for his condos.  I do not want to be in another parking lot business with our money when the other failed so miserably.  Are we still paying all the electric at the State Street Parking garage and who will show us the books and PUBLICLY state we are or have made money on this particular white elephant (except during Harvest, lol)?

I feel the articles published in the Tribune (by you know who) perpetuate the old myth about us vs. them junk.  This entails the old sayings it is the County versus the City residents.  The myth where County residents look down on the City residents; the Floyd County "snobs" versus City dumb butts.  I have good friends in the County and good friends in the City; but I really get the impression that is the attitude one columnist in the Tribune HAS.  The articles simply read this way to me (and I have excellent reading comprehension skills).  If this is the attitude they possess don't you wish they would move BACK to the County and quit running the citizens down in the City with their (what I consider) a holier than thou attitude?  I SURE DO.  But, that is our opinion, LOL.

We are anxious to see who will run for the City Council.  I know, the Tribune listed some of the ones who will run again but I think we are going to have new faces, also.  It surely can't hurt.

We also feel the shortfall in the budget is a whole lot more than what "they" are telling us.  Matter of fact, I know.  Do you feel the current government has no clue how bad the state of the economy is, or how badly jobs are needed, or how much we want them to cut back on EVERYTHING?  Where is "their" reality?  I know reality sucks, but geez Louise.

As my friend who shares ownership in Buckheads said in the paper TOLLS on the bridges will kill business...and that means in New Albany, also. 

We have also talked about Daniels getting some type of a "fiscally responsible" award.  I don't really dislike Daniels as a person but I certainly disagree with some decisions he has made.  How much outsourcing of jobs has he permitted, allowed, performed (however you wish to word it)? 

This subject, outsourcing, drives me crazy.  I watched corporate outsource for years until they fell on their knees and we fell on ours.  Employees come in under "professional services contracts" and get no benefits, no pensions, no job stability (you are there until there is no more work).  I think it has come around to bite Corporate in their behinds.  We don't like the percentage the Chinese own of the USA.  We don't like India taking massive amount of jobs from little ole Indiana.  We don't like the fact the Germans own our water (and I know some Veterans who are livid about this subject).  Let's just say use American workers and U.S. dollars to build, etc.  I've never seen so much "we need foreign investments to make this project work".  If you do, then don't build it.  Stay at home.

Thank you again for letting me say how I feel.  Some things stick in your crawl and maybe even I can do better.  I can only imagine how some are going to "act" about what was stated above but I am sure they will get over it and allow others an opinion.


Anonymous said...

We support Price and Gahan. Thanks for the article.

Anonymous said...

England is not running!

Anonymous said...

I don't know but that is one of the rumors.

Anonymous said...

I guess Freedom Of Speech's Blog pretty much says it all!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Matthews feels about this?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the drmocrats will think, when they realized they have hoodwinked again.

Anonymous said...

Alright, I can't vote republican cause I believe they are nothing more than puppets for Matthews.

I cannot vote Democrat because I believe they are a bunch of idiots who don't understand how the real world works.

They raise fees and give raises then tax and spend.

I just don't fit either categories, but I can't be the only one right?

There have to be some other people out there that use there own judgement instead of just going along with everyone else. So where the hell are they?

Anonymous said...

The problem with local Republicans is that their leader gets hoodwinked into signing permission for Democrats to run under the Republican banner. That Matthews is a real piece of work.

The fact that Matthews signed meant that England HAD to take matters into his own hands. Now, he's not running and Stumler is. BUT, Stumler has to keep Malysz, Rosenbarger and Gibson in their jobs. How insane is that!??! We're already paying for an illegal deputy mayor, Gibson's real identity is Eddie Haskell, and Rosenbarger--well, he's so deep into England's stuff who knows what all he's up to.

Somehow, the uneducated still vote for these clowns. They wreak havoc with our tax dollars and then we stand here scratching our heads and wonder how they got elected.

If Irv Stumler actually runs as a Democrat and we elect him and he keeps those people in office, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Makes me wanna move outta town.

The New Albanian said...

As my friend who shares ownership in Buckheads said in the paper TOLLS on the bridges will kill business...and that means in New Albany, also.

Anti-tolls meeting at Buckhead's tonight (18th)

"While the news may have you believe that the Tolls issue is dead, the burden to pay has now shifted solely to the I-65 Interstate bridges system. Please join us tomorrow night, Tuesday, January 18th at Buckhead’s on Riverside Drive in Jeffersonville for an update. Networking starts at 5:30 and the meeting starts at 6pm. Invited guests are Clark County Council President, Kevin Vissing, Tyler Allen, previous candidate for Mayor-Louisville, and Jeffersonville Mayor Tom Galligan."

City employee said...

Sorry Roger, even though I am against tolls and I agree with you. Our city is in serious trouble thanks to England, Gibson and Malysz.

I want to personally thank Freedom Of Speech for bring this to all of ours attention. We need good people who believe in New Albany to stand up and run for office without an agenda.

We need folks who will fight for the taxpayer, and do what has been done to New Albany for the last 20 years. We need to pull together regardless of party and roll up our sleeves and take back the city.

I wish I could run, but I live in the county.

So folks we got less than thirty days to get good candidates on the ballot.

We done our part in the county election now it is time for the city residence to do their part.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"We can't" "This is the way new albany has always been" "I'm scared" . . .

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Erik was right. Now it's time for us all to step up to the plate and stop this from happening.

Anonymous said...

England will either lose power or keep it. It's up to us.

Anonymous said...

the meeting about the bridge tolls overshadowed by England durn it