Tuesday, September 21, 2010


There sure is plenty to talk about with a lot

of moaning and groaning but a lot of

laughter, too!

Jon Stewart has us absolutely fascinated

about the trip to Washington, DC on

October 30Th for the march to "Return

Sanity" to the American people. After

checking various news outlets online

this morning, we find he already has

more people lined up to attend than Glenn

Beck did (I'm not a fan of Beck's;

no offense to anyone).

Watching Larry King last night we were

again laughing our selves silly over Bill

Maher's statements and opinions.

A website called Politico something

or the other was already calling

Maher's statement about wood gas

lines untrue but yet Maher quoted the

AP and they just can't prove it's true

or not so they're calling it a myth.

As a couple, we didn't like the bailout

by Washington, DC and would have

rather seen the money spent to put

people to work fixing our infrastructure

(sort of like the WPA program from

back in the '40's).

We haven't seen the bailout create any

jobs. We can understand some of the

reasoning behind the bailouts but also

strongly disagree with the actions

taken to save the Banks and Wall

Street and others.

Back to the news in New Albany, our

reality still sucks.

I wish the Tribune had done their home-

work and had spoken to the County

leaders about the annexation the

paper supports in order to inform the

public of the hidden costs associated

with this project, i.e., $2 million we

have to give to the County which we

don't have. We'd like to know

if Ruckman's sewer contract is or is not

affected by this little move and whether

we are taking over his "private sewer

lines". We are talking about even bigger

monies being lost if that is true.

We wish England could/would wait to

announce his Re-Election until after

the County elections (we don't know what

the hurry is). As badly as we don't want

to see England in office again we shudder

to think of the regular line of "Pubs" who

every four years throw their names in the

hat. We want someone NEW and NOT




(i.e., tax abatements) to get this position.

Though sometimes, you just have to

wonder who in the hey would want

the job besides the power hungry

or status grabbing (constantly the

same) name seekers.

We hear the "boys" are upset with England

because he is helping Bobo with getting

financing and not them. Cry us a river.

We hate to remind anyone of this BUT

the truth is our sewer system can't

handle this project, (hell, we can't even

update the industrial park for more biz

because of the sewer capacity limits) ,

and you can bet your sweet bippy we

will be the ones paying for this

monument that Bobo didn't come

back to Redevelopment in June to

talk about. But, as Carl M. says,

he's been meeting with Bobo and

for some strange reason we are

betting that's probably true. Rare

to have discussions with Carl in public.

Truth probably is they are literally

driving him crazy over it.

The Fire Department has filed a grievance

over the new insurance proposed. England

made a contract with the group promising

the same if not better insurance.

Culpecker's (oh, sorry, we mean

Culpepper's) plan doesn't fit with

the union's contract guidelines.

We hate that England always wants

to lay off the firefighters but not

the police and then we wonder why?

We hear Benedetti received a telephone

call "it's not ten firefighters you would have

to lay off, it's twelve". What a shame.

There is only one way the Board of Works

can deal with this issue and that would be

if the Council doesn't take action. Now,

if the Council votes NO, isn't that an action?

Hey, enough of this. We are going to check our

calendar and see if October 30Th is a good day to go

to Washington.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My husband and I were chatting

today about our good friend, who

has never been sick a day in his

life, was diagnosed with stage 4

lung cancer in both lungs.

That will certainly make you stop

and think about some THINGS.

Interesting debate on the City's blog

(NA Confidential).

Interesting speech by Obama in

Ohio about taxes for certain levels

of income in this great country of

ours. We agree with Obama's

statement our country can't

afford the tax breaks right now

but read it's doubtful the Admin

can get that passed through a

jumpy Congress a twitter with THE

election fever dance (as I like to call

it). The compromise sounded as if

the deal will be keep the tax rules in

place for the
next two years and

then let them all expire.

(Doggone it seems I have heard

that somewhere before. That's

right, the EDIT tax enacted to

pay for the Jail. Promises made,

promises broken. )

We heard rumblings of a firefighter

England is putting up/financing to

go against Lana Aebersole, (who

we really like) in order for England

to get the LOIT Tax passed at

the County Council. Hah!

Transparency there, folks.

Give it up Mayor. The County Council

has vowed not to Pass LOIT.

Right now, that is.

Lastly, we were wondering if the new

Havana Blues Restaurant located at

Bank and Market sell a Cuban Pork


Someone told us the restaurant was

not selling Cuban fare, only food from

Spain origins and Mexican.

Waiting to hear what you allllll are

thinking about.

Later New Albany.

Monday, September 6, 2010

LABOR DAY (Courtesy of the US DOL)


The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated on September 5, 1882, in New York City, in accordance with the plans of the Central Labor Union. The Central Labor Union held its second Labor Day holiday just a year later, on September 5, 1883.

There is an argument about who established the first Labor Day, but the argument seems to be moot.

Etc., Etc.

The vital force of labor added materially to the highest standard of living and the greatest production the world has ever known and has brought us closer to the realization of our traditional ideals of economic and political democracy. It is appropriate, therefore, that the nation pay tribute on Labor Day to the creator of so much of the nation's strength, freedom and leadership - the American worker.

Have a great day. Hat's off to all of Labor.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Messer serves his one day suspension for running a tag illegally for Zurschmeide at his Asian Spa and Jack still doesn't think he did anything wrong. Jack, how many other people would you have done the same for? NONE.

Shane Gibson (dummy he is) is going to try and do an end run around the Council and see if they can't enact those pay raises. Is he stupid or what? Council controls the purse strings Shane, not the Board of Works.

The third reading for Southern Indiana One got tabled again but we feel England is getting his ducks in a row (the Council) before he makes his final move. The news is out about Zurschmeide and Messer so he can't use that issue against them now. Of course, there may be more about those two he can use against them we as the public don't know. Sure, call it paranoia on our part but we've seen stranger things in this town just so England can get what he wants.

We want to know where England is going to find the TWO MILLION to pay the County for the Fire Department in the annexation area. The County will get their money Doug, trust me. The County doesn't do business quite the way the City does. The County has already told their department heads to make the cuts in their budgets or they will, including laying off people. What a novel concept.

The article on the Bridge Authority meeting is depressing. If it is going to hurt businesses on this side of the river and it's going to hurt citizens on this side of the river, what the hell is going on? How come no one is listening or cares? Ed Clere is usually against anything England stands for and maybe we need to drive that one home. But hey, what do we know!

Another day, another nickel. And so forth...