Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My husband and I were chatting

today about our good friend, who

has never been sick a day in his

life, was diagnosed with stage 4

lung cancer in both lungs.

That will certainly make you stop

and think about some THINGS.

Interesting debate on the City's blog

(NA Confidential).

Interesting speech by Obama in

Ohio about taxes for certain levels

of income in this great country of

ours. We agree with Obama's

statement our country can't

afford the tax breaks right now

but read it's doubtful the Admin

can get that passed through a

jumpy Congress a twitter with THE

election fever dance (as I like to call

it). The compromise sounded as if

the deal will be keep the tax rules in

place for the
next two years and

then let them all expire.

(Doggone it seems I have heard

that somewhere before. That's

right, the EDIT tax enacted to

pay for the Jail. Promises made,

promises broken. )

We heard rumblings of a firefighter

England is putting up/financing to

go against Lana Aebersole, (who

we really like) in order for England

to get the LOIT Tax passed at

the County Council. Hah!

Transparency there, folks.

Give it up Mayor. The County Council

has vowed not to Pass LOIT.

Right now, that is.

Lastly, we were wondering if the new

Havana Blues Restaurant located at

Bank and Market sell a Cuban Pork


Someone told us the restaurant was

not selling Cuban fare, only food from

Spain origins and Mexican.

Waiting to hear what you allllll are

thinking about.

Later New Albany.


Anonymous said...

The Loit Tax will not fly and England knows it.

Btw, how'a that hope and change working for you?

LCBW Brain Trust said...

They have a Cuban pork sandwich. Overall, the menu is more of a Spanish influence with some Caribbean thrown in -- less Mexican.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

England can't put up anyone to beat Lana. She's too well liked, too well respected and does a damn good job.

Let us know the firefighter's name. Thx.

Anonymous said...

When I really like someone I try to spell their names right!

Anonymous said...

The guts name is Evans.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the misspelling Lana. The firefighter's last name is Evans. More to come.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The thoughts, the prayers, and the memories of 9/11 are still as strong today as that day with me. Hope, Faith and Charity. Words to live by.

Anonymous said...

God Bless America today and always.

Anonymous said...

And, God save New Albant from all the hooks and crooks.

Anonymous said...


Thanks...I needed a good laugh today.

Anonymous said...

They stopped the LOIT TAX and will do it again.

So whose laughing now?

Annexation will not work without the LOIT TAX. Not my words but Mayor England's words to our council.


Anonymous said...

Who's laughing now? I'm still laughing because CFA is full of backward thinking, narrow-minded morons and I find those kinds of people very funny. I now find you funny too, Anon 9/14 11:00am

Anonymous said...

Right on Freedom Of Speech. Whose gonna pay for all this.

Anonymous said...

What is England going to do now? Why is Ceasar the one meeting with Mayor England instead of him meeting with the entire council?
Looks like he's loosing control of his legislative body now.
Nah, the council finally realizes next year they're up for re-election that's why all the grandstanding is alive and well.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me if it legal for County Council candidate Evans to have a sign at the NAFD on Spring? Something smells here.

How about you said...

Looks like my councilman Price has been right all along. Our council needs to call for an investigation of England's spending.

Where's the accountability, folks?

Who said this was the best council they ever had? Personally, I miss the Gang of Five.

Anonymous said...

I hear England's going to announce his reelection bid on Tuesday.

I sure hope that isn't true and just a rumor.

My thoughts said...

No need to run again, he has stolen enough.

Anonymous said...

My first thought is there no money left?

Anonymous said...

Can we look at the books now? Now that he's done cooking them, Kitchen Table?

Anonymous said...

Too funny