Tuesday, January 24, 2012


What do you, the reader, think of the proposed river front development?

If Louisville has come up short in their TIF area on money to pay for the YUM Center, what makes New Albany sure (SURE) they will have enough TIF income to pay for another Parking Garage?

We have to agree with others when it was stated with Jeff Malysz staying on in government guaranteed this project was going forward.

We say NO.  The "other" parking garage still owes EDIT over $3 million.  We are still in debt with the one only city employees use except at Harvest.

Is it a monument, or a good project?

Friday, January 20, 2012


The latest skinny out of our lovely City government shows DOUG ENGLAND issued an Executive Order, before leaving office, mandating ENGLAND, his wife SHELLEY and KAYE GEARY receive City funded health care until the day they die.  SAY WHAT?

Gahan's answer to Citizen questioning this act was "they are like the Fire Department, they get it".  Really?  If true, why the Executive Order?  Ha.  How stupid do they think we are?  (Never mind, I already know the answer.)

As to the information printed in the Tribune about Kaye Geary's daughter was hired as Controller because she is familiar with the new software -- our software is approximately seven (7) years old.  New software?

According to State Board of Accounts, we are still NOT RECONCILING our Books.

One last tidbit, we are still not billing City's properties for Storm water and Sewer bills but yet the City wants to float more Bonds?


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another Letter From a Reader

Dear KT,

There is something I'd like to discuss now that "Republican" asked the question.

Why is it that our Democratic Party has come from its noble history to arrive at mayhem? Our party is fractured and disgruntled like never before. My father says he doesn't even recognize the party, especially locally, but nationally too. Why? What are we becoming? You have many people on here and I would say that most are Democrats yet even they constantly bicker and fight and call each other names.

The Republicans who get on here don't seem to know what's going on because our party has dominated things locally since the beginning of time as I remember (I'm 68). I don't much care what the Republicans know or understand. Their leader seems like a pretty nice but dimwitted character. No surprise that they'd exhibit ignorance. The only smart one they have in office, seems to me, is Ed Clere, and we love to hate him precisely because he knows what he's doing and we don't like it.

But what about talking about just the Democrats? Let's focus on us. We're a big part of the problem here. Why? Because over the past, oh, thirty years or so, we've let some real crooks take over. We've let things become "thug politics" in Floyd County, especially in the city of New Albany.

Oh, they've got their front men (and women) who then line up to take the fall whenever things go awry, but why do we allow this? Our friend, "Republican" asked why the Reps and the Demos don't get along. Heck, we don't get along with ourselves! Somehow, we've allowed the Central Committee to consist of that group known as "the inner circle" and they control everything, from who's going to run for what, to how many paid boards we can appoint weak-kneed yes-men to, to who's going to take the fall for what, to how we're going to use those on the outside, specifically the so-called "progressives" in town, to get us what we want, to making sure backs are turned on the cheating we ALL KNOW is going on (for example, city council district 1).

We say things like, "Gosh, we hate Dan Coffey" and that we don't support him, yet we pretty much sit around and allow this to go on. We even seem to support it! I am one who pushed Jeff Gahan as the man to vote for this past election. I wish I hadn't. He's got the same thugs (yes, THUGS) in office as before. Just switched around. We wonder why we can't make changes happen, then cry and bitch about it not happening. And we complain bitterly about the people in power. YET WE DO NOTHING TO STOP THEM! So, let's stop talking about how stupid the Republicans are and talk about US, the Floyd County Democratic Party.

Although I can't vote in the city elections and live near the Harrison County line, I watch and read everything about the city where I grew up. I would like to see us progress toward some change for the better. Also, I would prefer my name not be used and appreciate your offer of space on your blog to get some things said.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"A Letter From A Reader"

Hello Kitchen Table!

I would like to discuss how we get an atmosphere in this city where we all work together and stop talking about being Democrats and Republicans.

As a Republican, I can't understand why every single issue becomes a big fight to wrest any credit or attention away from the people who do the real work. It's always about grandstanding and making sure the right person swipes the credit.

I know Doug England is out of office, but for some reason, his name is mentioned in the Tribune just about every day. Why? I want to know, is England planting this? Or is the Tribune just struggling to fill space? And if the latter is the case, why on earth did they do away with Ed Clere's column?

Right now, we could stand to have some first hand information on the right - to - work bill they're all talking about and that the unions seem so up in arms about. But I don't have enough information to go on.

Back to the city of New Albany, I wonder why more people don't help Jeff Gahan, since he's making so many mistakes. Why are we just sitting here letting him make the mistakes? He must be listening to someone, right? I also wonder if we're going to continue to see city streets and sidewalks torn up. Why the selective sidewalk projects? In some of the areas, I didn't see any great need for a new sidewalk. In other areas, someone had the great idea to put all those bump - outs. What for? I find it all very confusing.

Friday, January 6, 2012


What would you, as a reader, like to discuss this time around? 

What were your expectations with the last City election?  Were your expectations met?

Any subject you wish to discuss?

Let us know at kitchentableissues@gmail.com.  Type an article up and submit it.

Everyone always has an opinion, whether we agree or disagree.  Simply try to keep it "nice".

Okay, it's your turn!!!