Monday, August 29, 2011


Is it true?  We are giving Shane Gibson $50,000 to fight Pasttimes?  Is this another "DVD" debacle?  Sure it is.  Wait and see.

Who do you think will win your Council race?  Are we going to have an all Republican Council?  Does it even matter?  Nah, I don't think so - what do you think?

Monday, August 1, 2011


Shortfall?  How about overspending, malfeasance of office, etc.?   Why can't the City of New Albany live within their Budget?

$30,000.00 needed Monday night for Police overtime?  What, did Harvest Homecoming happen and we missed it?

Why would you hire firefighters when you weren't budgeted to do so and Council did not give their approval?  Or, did Council give their approval when they voted for the annexation?  Is England still maintaining he doesn't have to pay the money to the County for the new fire station on Charlestown Road?

Okay.  We are aware the Horseshoe Foundation paid for backpacks for kids for school last year.  Since when, though, does it become the City's responsibility to shell out $30,000.00 for the Churches to buy backpacks this year?  My kid didn't get a backpack last year - what's up with this?  Isn't there a separation between Church and State? 

Is Mayor England afraid if Gahan wins there will be an audit?  Does he think he can stop an Audit if he  gets on the Council?  We are afraid so.

Shortfall?  Yeah, right.  It seems to us we just keep digging that hole deeper.