Sunday, June 26, 2011


No.  There is nothing you can do.  We're not kidding.  Walk away.  Just walk away.

The County Prosecutor won't do anything.  No.  It's too political.  Add to this the fact the County knows what's going on within the City.  The County is the one letting England and the boys make property tax payment installments.  Everyone else gets foreclosed on, but not them.

Just walk away.  The only thing the citizens of New Albany have as a plus in their column is the City would not be able to raise the tax levy because we could file a remonstrance against the levy and their books would not justify the increase.  Only thing.

Well, we could sue them for dereliction of duties and mismanagement, but who's got the money? 
And, if that happened, we would simply be suing ourselves.  Ugly, huh? 

Walk away, just walk away.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We all have issues with non-enforcement of the laws, or selective enforcement of New Albany laws.  This is your opportunity to sound off about which laws in this town that are not being enforced and your guesstimate as to how much money this is costing our City.

What can we do about these issues?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Latest News?

So, is it true the Tribune will no longer be printing a Sunday newspaper and are merging operations down where ever they are (Alabama?)?  The City of New Albany will take a huge hit over Legals being published in the newspaper.  Some taxpayers have always maintained the Tribune didn't have enough readers in order for the City's Legals to be published (see laws and how many readers newspaper has to have), but I would think for sure now they won't.  The Council better schedule some big bucks in for the Courier Journal's Legal section!  Is this true about no Sunday edition anymore?

Is it true Larry Scharlow wants to run as an Independent for Mayor?  Are you kidding?  A perennial candidate and brings nothing to the table except to KEEP THE STATUS QUO as is - in other words, Gahan won't make a deal so desperate measures are needed.  Go Gahan!

Did it come as a surprise to anyone this big new development downtown (Mainland) can't be built without OUR money?  Anyone?  Maybe if Carl keeps talking enough, as he always does, someone will believe him.  Me?  I think Carl has run out of nickels.

But, these are just my thoughts.  Thanks for letting me share what I think (though it isn't worth much).