Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Blah - enough is enough.  Unfortunately for some of us, this blog seems to get hijacked by people who want to use it as a means to propel their hate filled messages against gays, blacks, and anyone or anything else who disagrees with their thought process.

Here's something for your thought process:

The Republicans have introduced:

46 Bills on abortion

113 Bills on religion

73 Bills on family relationships

36 Bills on marriage

72 Bills on firearms

604 Bills on taxation

467 Bills on government investigation

And Blocked the American Jobs Act.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Good job, Floyd County, for some of the road paving you have been doing.  (And, we don't have to worry about the road being tore back up within two months!)

We are not agreeing with US having to pay for Henderson's mistakes re the Camm trial.  He had advance warning he COULD NOT do what he did do.  As far as we are concerned, that's what HIS insurance is for.  But, that's just our opinion.

Speaking of David Camm, the third ugly trial is coming up.    We have never seen anything divide a whole community (the entire County) as this subject has.  We still feel strongly about the Boney DNA not coming out in the first trial and probably more importantly, WHY it did not come out.  We don't particularly care whether Stan Faith said the buck stopped with him.  Huh Uh....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It has been a long, hard, drawn out battle for years upon years - but - CONGRATULATIONS, Linden Meadows Neighborhood!  Within a month, demolition will start tearing down the houses which never did belong there, per HUD.  We hear Gahan is trying to take credit but I don't see how he can do that thing with one of his employees, Carl, up to his neck in this debacle.  Coffey is trying to take credit, too.  No way!!!!

Yep, we hear Carl Malysk, John Miller and Ted Fulmore have some serious explaining to do before the Feds.  The Bank was a little bit persnickety in wanting their monies, huh?  We feel this whole project was contrived from the get go, trying to get it to work any way "they" could.  We hope the neighborhood will be able to revert that property back into the park which existed before.  We're pulling for you all!

Welcome back, Grace Schneider!  New Albany/Floyd County have missed you.  So long, Harold Adams. 

What's the scoop on Chief Knight?  Did she go to the Commissioners asking for $200,000.00?  For what, 911?  We understand Chief Knight will not tell the City Council how much these Alive At Five Concerts are costing the City for the police officer's overtime and/or who's paying for it.  It's not going to be easy covering some things up anymore now that the monies have been ordered separated from one another, i.e., sanitation, storm water, sewers, etc.  Though, this blog has to ask - once the funds are separated, what happens when we find out we don't have any money to put into a fund?  Sure ought to be interesting.

One more question.  How many of Mickey Thompson's relatives are now working for the Street Department?  Nepotism is alive and well in New Albany....

Oh, well.  What else is new?